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Traumatized Dog Can’t Stop Clinging To Her Rescuers

Natalie Olivieri had rescued enough dogs to know Harper had been horribly abused — and that she was traumatized.

Dog Can't Stop Clinging

Olivieri, vice president of Furever Bully Love Rescue, an Orlando-based rescue group, found Harper in a big field in Redland, Florida (commonly called “The Redlands”) — a place known for having a high stray dog population.
“The place is pretty much a dumping ground of dogs,” Olivieri told The Dodo. “People just leave them there.”

dogs in Redland, Florida

Another organization called Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project visits The Redlands every day to feed the homeless dogs there. It goes through about 350 pounds of kibble to feed approximately 100 dogs, Jessie Pena, vice president of the group, told The Dodo.
However, there are more dogs than it can help, Pena explained.

“There are thousands of dogs out there,” Pena said. “We only cover a small area. Redland is huge.”
This February, Furever Bully Love Rescue teamed up with Redland Rock Pit to raise money for dog food, but also to rescue a few dogs in the area. Olivieri, as well as three other volunteers from Furever Bully Love Rescue, traveled to The Redlands to meet volunteers from the other group.

For Olivieri, it was an experience she’ll never forget.
“We pulled onto this dirt road, it was all remote,” Olivieri said. “You would never find it on your own.”
When volunteers from Redland Rock Pit started putting out food, dogs started to appear. That’s when rescuers spotted Harper, a 1-year-old hound mix. The volunteers had seen her before on previous visits to The Redlands — they believed she’d lived in the field for about four or five months.

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